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International shipping - «DARTS Logistic» Company.

We are not the first in our industry yet, and therefore we have to try harder than others to prove that we deserve to be the first... deserve to be the best in the business. Relationships do not start with a lie, so DARTS Logistic for honest and transparent pricing of transportation. By optimizing the costs of our customers, we save our time too.
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The most correct assessment of the company can give only its regular customers: "During our cooperation, DARTS Logistic has established itself as a reliable partner. They are ready and take full responsibility for the transported cargo. The price is immediately called the final, without surprises at the finish. You can track your cargo on the way – all trucks are equipped with satellite navigation. They make complex multimodal routes, which saves our money. It’s nice and easy to work. Prosperity and success!»


The DARTS Logistic company appreciates the time of its customers, so provide them the right to order the delivery of cargo to a certain time of the appointed day. If it arrives at the destination earlier, it will be stored in our warehouse free of charge until the announced date. We try to be as useful as possible to our customers, so we offer to use the service "Return of documents to the sender". When your cargo is delivered to the addressee, and he will make all the necessary marks on the accompanying documents, our driver will return them to the point of departure. This will save time and simplify document management in your company.

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The most popular shipping destinations (in containers) are China, Japan, Vietnam, South Korea, Malaysia, Asia, North and South America, as well as the" European destination " (Netherlands, Italy, Spain, France, Portugal, UK).  Rail transportation is carried out in Central Asia, the CIS, the Baltic States and Europe.  Air transportation - to 60 countries on 6 different continents.  Road transportation is carried out in Belarus, the direction "Belarus-Russia", on the territory of Russia, CIS.  (including Balkans, Caucasus, Scandinavia).

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