Directions of cargo transportation

We are not the first in our industry, and therefore we have to try more than others to prove that we deserve to be the first ... worthy to be the best in our field. Relationships do not start with lies, therefore, DARTS Logistics for honest and transparent transportation pricing. By optimizing the costs of our customers, we also save our time.
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With DARTS Logistic you do not spend even one hour on freight. All you need is to call us or leave a request on the site, agree on the delivery conditions and the time period in which your partner expects the goods. We will do the rest ourselves:

  • we will choose the best route that will offer the best price;
  • draw up the necessary documents in order to reduce the period to the minimum possible
  • delivery and avoid delays at customs;
  • We will develop a detailed cargo transportation plan;
  • find the necessary transport;
  • we will control the entire process - from paperwork to unloading from the recipient.

Do you want to personally track your cargo and check its safety? The personal manager will provide up-to-date information on the whereabouts of the goods upon request, make the necessary changes to the route online according to your wishes.

We also deal with other areas, leave a request and find out the cost
We also deal with other areas, leave a request and find out the cost

Ask your question or briefly describe the situation.
We will contact you very quickly!
Ask your question. We will contact you very quickly!

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