International Air Freight

This is the fastest, but also the most expensive type of cargo transportation that exists today. Delivery can be carried out both regular and charter flights. DARTS Logistic company has experience in the transportation of dangerous goods by aircraft. The weight of the parcel can vary from 100 grams to 10 tons.
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Сколько будет стоить перевезти груз по моему направлению?

Geography of transportation:

-exports and imports between third countries;

- transit of goods through the EU countries with delivery to the road customs post.

What cargoes and why are considered dangerous for air transportation?

The most obvious answer to this question is explosives, compressed or liquefied gas cylinders, ammunition, weapons, radioactive substances and viruses.

Also dangerous to transport equipment is recognized, in the configuration of which there are oxygen generators, cylinders with compressed gas and liquid oxygen directly. These include medical equipment for artificial respiration and special equipment for diving and diving.

Dangerous goods include vessels filled with liquid gas, including gas lighters and any aerosols. A drop in atmospheric pressure can trigger an explosion of such cargo.

Fuel and products of paint and varnish enterprises, mercury-containing devices and equipment are transported with extreme care. It is not safe to transport goods in the packaging of which there is dry ice, because in case of careless contact with such cargo a person can get "cold burns".

The difficulties of air transportation, the solution of which is included in the work of an experienced logistician:

  1. Packing of cargo depending on its type and class of danger-this will avoid damage to both the goods and the cargo compartment of the aircraft.
  2. Loading and unloading of cargoes, placing it on the airplane or in a warehouse.
  3. Preparation of supporting documentation for the export of goods.
  4. Customs procedures in the country of arrival of the cargo (customs clearance at airports) and delivery from the airport to the carrier's warehouse or to the addressee.
  5. Language barrier and situations related to the difference in the laws of the sending and receiving countries.
  6. The lack of direct flights between the airports of the country of departure and the country of delivery under the contract of carriage.


When the aircraft takes off, the cargo moves backward, when landing - forward, when entering the turbulence zone - to the sides, into the air hole - up. Nets and slings are used to secure the cargo during transportation

Аir transport

Possible options for delivery of your cargo with the company " DARTS Logistic»

Рassenger airplanes
Cargo planes
Express delivery

How to make an order?

To order freight in the DARTS Logistic company, it’s enough to use one of the three options: fill out the feedback form on the website and wait for the manager’s call, write a letter in any form to the corporate email below or call us and name all the wishes regarding delivery in oral form.

It’s easy and calm with us! See for yourself once, because, as Robert De Niro said, “until you try, you won’t understand.”

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