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DARTS Logistic specialists are fluent in the current customs legislation of the Republic of Belarus and the EAEU, monitor changes in regulations, which allows you to quickly and without delay to solve the issues of customs clearance of any goods.
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  1. List of documents required for customs clearance:
  2. Delivery agreement, foreign trade agreement or other document confirming the existence of a contractual relationship between the sender and the recipient.
  3. Commodity-transport documents.
  4. The document confirming the declared classification code of the goods.
  5. Confirmation of payment of customs duties.
  6. Transaction passport.
  7. Documents confirming the declared customs value of the goods.
  8. Import/export license.
  9. Security certificate.
  10. Phytosanitary and veterinary certificates.
  11. Certificates of conformity, etc.
  12. Power of attorney for the person representing the sender's organization in the customs authorities.
  13. Data about the company (statutory documents, witnesses of registration with the tax authorities, certificate of registration in the usr, statistics codes, a certificate from the Bank about the presence of a current account).

Additional list of documents for import:

-          export declaration;

-          price list of the sender;

-          certificates "A", "ST-1".

Additional list of documents for export:

-          document confirming the existence of a foreign economic transaction (contract, invoice, proforma invoice);

-          purchase contract in Belarus;

-          packing lists, specifications;

-          CMR, Carnet TIR;

-          calculation of the cost of goods;

-          documentation for the goods of a technical nature, containing its detailed characteristics and serial numbers.

Stages of customs clearance:

-          Collection of documents for filing a declaration.

-          Verification of the HS code, compliance with the rules of customs tariff and non-tariff regulation.

-          Verification of the correctness of the declared customs value.

-          Customs payments.

-          Compliance with the terms of transfer of customs revenue to the accounts of the Bank that signed the passport of the transaction under the foreign trade contract.

The speed of customs clearance is especially important when transporting perishable goods or seasonal goods (new collections of shoes, clothes, etc.).

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