Multimodal Freight Forwarding

Transportation of goods over long distances will be less financially costly if several types of vehicles are used under one contract. At each section of the route, the most profitable option is selected from the position of "price-speed-safety".
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How is the price of multimodal ("combined") transportation formed?

The transport company or a large forwarding company determines the through rate for the route indicated by the client (from the point of acceptance of the goods to the point of delivery under the contract), based on the following data:

-          Rates for sea transport (depends on the route, type of cargo and special conditions of transportation);

-          Rates of terminal operations in points of transportation;

-          Tariffs of internal modes of transport (depends on whether the company's own transport is used or attracted);

-          Forwarding Commission for the organization of delivery (including the preparation of accompanying and customs documents);

-          Loading and unloading, transshipment of goods at transport change points.

Prior to detailed elaboration of the multimodal transportation route, no transport company or "pseudo-calculator" can name its exact cost and the specific day of delivery of the recipient's cargo, especially when it comes to Intercontinental transportation.

The cheapest multimodal transportation

As practice shows, the most economical “combined” delivery option is a combination of sea and rail container transportation in one transport chain with or without using the carrier’s car transport to the place of loading / unloading the goods (railway station / seaport). With this delivery scheme, the customer should have a decent margin of time.

Somewhat more expensive, but at the same time faster, will use only shipping and road transport. The next cost is the scheme of transportation "Railway + truck". The most expensive option of combining transport in one logistics chain is air and road.

Multimodal schemes used in " DARTS Logistic»:

1. sea transport + truck;
2. railway transport + sea transport + truck;
3. sea + rail transport;
4. air transportation + truck


Possible options for delivery of your cargo with the company " DARTS Logistic»

Sea transport + truck
Air transport + truck
Rail transport + truck

How to make an order?

To order freight in the DARTS Logistic company, it’s enough to use one of the three options: fill out the feedback form on the website and wait for the manager’s call, write a letter in any form to the corporate email below or call us and name all the wishes regarding delivery in oral form.

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