International railway transportation

The optimal ratio of "price-speed" in the transportation of large quantities of cargoes, oversized cargo and strictly defined by the customer delivery dates. Ideal for use on non-urgent inland routes.
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Geography of railway transportation "DARTS Logistic" - countries of Eastern and Western Europe, Baltic States, CIS, China.

Types of goods that are profitable to transport by rail:

1)      commodity-piece-covered cars or containers are used, the method of loading – manual or mechanical;

2)      oversized and heavy – loaded into open wagons, wagons - conveyors (chain, platform, platform, etc.), onto platforms using cranes;

3)      bulk goods -transported in conventional gondola cars or using specialized rolling stock (depends on the nature of the cargo and safety requirements);

4)      goods requiring compliance with a certain temperature regime during transportation (thermos wagons, refrigerated wagons, ice wagons or other special isothermal wagons for transportation of live fish, milk or wine);

5)      liquid, including dangerous-in tanks with observance of safety rules.

Advantages of rail freight:

  1. high load capacity – one platform is able to withstand a weight of up to 80-100 tons, which is equivalent to several loaded containers;
  2. low cost of transportation;
  3. branching of the railway network;
  4. safe transportation;
  5. we always have special offers for individual shipments;
  6. fast customs clearance and lack of queues at border crossings;
  7. fast integration into the multimodal transportation scheme;
  8. strict schedule of departure and arrival of trains.

What affects the cost of rail transportation?

1)      type of cargo-for example, transportation of dangerous goods is associated with great risks, which inevitably affects the price;

2)      volume and dimensions-these parameters affect the choice of the type of truck (indoor, hopper refrigerator, etc.)

3)      route-it is about the presence of direct communication, the number of points of cargo handling on the way, restrictions on the passage of certain goods through checkpoints, etc.

4)      the scope of additional services under the contract – loading/unloading, registration of accompanying documents for goods, insurance, customs Declaration, etc.

5)      urgency of delivery and availability of special conditions;

6)      the need to store goods in intermediate warehouses;

7)      the distance;

8)      possibility of transportation of goods as part of groupage cargo

Scheme of work "DARTS Logistic" in the organization of cargo transportation by rail:

-          application processing

-          coordination of transportation conditions and cost calculation;

-          search and selection of rolling stock, reservation of seats;

-          pick up cargo from the sender;

-          registration of accompanying documents, including for customs clearance;

-          loading of goods by the chosen method;

-          direct railway transportation from point A to point B;

-          unloading and delivery of goods to the final consignee.

In addition, the following services can be provided-expert assessment of cargo and assistance in choosing the type of insurance, control and tracking of cargo in transit, warehouse services, etc.


The US, Russia and China have the longest rail network. In the United States of America, its length is 250 thousand kilometers, 80% of which falls on freight lines. There are 538 Railways in total-7 belong to the first class, 21 are regional and 510 are local. By 2030, the United States plans to create a system of high-speed Railways, with a total length of 27 thousand kilometers. In China, the length of the railway network is 100 thousand km. 1/10 of them are high-speed lines. By 2050, the network is expected to grow 2.7 times. This country is the world's longest high – speed highway with a length of 2298 km - "Beijing-Guangzhou". Russia (the length of the railway network is 85.5 thousand km.) has direct transport links with Finland, France, Germany, Poland, China, Mongolia and North Korea. If we talk about the busiest railway lines in the world, the longest of them (9289 km.) is the TRANS-Siberian railway (Moscow-Yekaterinburg-Tyumen-Irtysh-Novosibirsk-Krasnoyarsk-Yenisei-Baikal-Amur mainline-Irkutsk-Ulan-Ude, TRANS-Mongolian railway-Chita- TRANS-Manchurian railway – Khabarovsk-Vladivostok).


Possible options for delivery of your cargo with the company " DARTS Logistic»

Full containers( FCL)
LCL cargo
Auto delivery of containers

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