Road transportation

DARTS Logistic specialists will develop for you reliable schemes of cargo delivery to the desired point of the continent both by their own transport and with the use of third-party transport, if such a solution is more economically feasible. Comprehensive service allows to make cooperation convenient for the customer.
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Geography of road transport

Directions in which the company "DARTS Logistic" successfully works:

-          inside the Republic of Belarus;

-          routes "Belarus – Russian Federation", including the most remote points;

-          transportation on the territory of Russia;

-          between EU countries (Austria, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Finland, France, Czech Republic, Sweden, etc.) and CIS countries (Belarus, Russia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Moldova);

Types of transported goods (by class and industry)

-          dangerous goods with observance of requirements to their transportation, fasteners and packaging (explosive, toxic, radioactive, flammable, infectious and others)

-          transportation of valuable goods with increased security;

-          temperature cargoes (perishable, living plants, pharmaceuticals, chemical products, including those under the “dangerous cargo” marker);

-          live cargo (farm animals and poultry);

-          bulk and liquid cargoes (including in tanks).

"DARTS Logistic" offers its customers a comprehensive service of transportation "from door to door". Your personal manager will include:

  1. selection of the most economically expedient route of transportation, taking into account the set goals and voiced requirements;
  2. assistance in registration of accompanying documents for cargo;
  3. customs support of the transaction and assistance in solving related issues;
  4. cargo insurance of the customer at favorable tariff rates;
  5. control of cargo preparation for transportation and its handling in the process of transshipment, if such is provided by the delivery contract (labeling of goods, repacking, labeling, etc.).

Our company has its own security service, which controls all internal processes. In the fleet there is a heavy-duty transport with increased rigidity characteristics of the chassis frame of semi-trailers, additional equipment for reliable fastening of goods (tie belts, chain ties, networks for fastening and locking straps).

Minimum order of vehicles-2 hours
The machine is delivered to the specified time at the address specified in the application. Depending on the nature of the cargo being transported, a driver with all the necessary permits and permits is selected.


Possible options for delivery of your cargo with the company " DARTS Logistic»

Truck for containers

How to make an order?

To order freight in the DARTS Logistic company, it’s enough to use one of the three options: fill out the feedback form on the website and wait for the manager’s call, write a letter in any form to the corporate email below or call us and name all the wishes regarding delivery in oral form.

It’s easy and calm with us! See for yourself once, because, as Robert De Niro said, “until you try, you won’t understand.”

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Ask your question. We will contact you very quickly!

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