Сargo storage

The cost of storing cargo at the company's warehouse depends on its weight, not on the dimensions. This is beneficial for customers, as it is not necessary at high speeds to independently maintain warehouses and special equipment (overhaul, modernization, utilities, etc)
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"DARTS Logistic" offers not only cargo storage services, but also successfully performs a number of related duties that have a direct impact on the quality of the service:

-          maintenance of the premises;

-          the control of the staff;

-          purchase and repair of machinery and equipment;

-          security of the warehouse (internal security).

Types of warehouse operations provided:

-          storage in special warehouses (customs, excise, temperature-from -25°C to +20°C;

-          temporary storage of cargo;

-          long-term storage of goods;

-          quality control of the goods at the time of its acceptance by the warehouse staff;

-          consolidation of goods (if sent as part of a combined);

-          cargo handling (loading / unloading, marking, repacking, weighing);

-          registration of export and transit documents for cargo.

Types of storage:

  1. outdoor - on mobile platforms;
  2. multi-tiered - using frontal, deep and narrow passage systems;
  3. small-cell-using mezzanine.

Possible delivery of goods to / from warehouses by transport company "DARTS Logistic"


The most requested warehouse services at "DARTS Logistik"

Cargo marking

How to make an order?

To order freight in the DARTS Logistic company, it’s enough to use one of the three options: fill out the feedback form on the website and wait for the manager’s call, write a letter in any form to the corporate email below or call us and name all the wishes regarding delivery in oral form.

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